My favorite things – January 2021

*None of the mentions below are sponsored. All items were purchased with my own coins.

If you’re new here, you should know I like lists. It helps me compartmentalize my thoughts and interests, so here is a list of good things that I either look forward to or simply enjoy.

  1. Journalist Abby Phillip is getting her own show on CNN. She’s brilliant, her hair is always laid and she stays ready when the mic is thrown in her court. Exciting news.
  2. I’ve been obsessed with the viral song, “Earth is Ghetto” by Aliah Sheffield because well…the earth is ghetto. I find myself tickled by the song and doing a few hundred Ummm hmms when I listen to it. Check it out on Youtube here. Can’t wait until it’s on Tidal so I can add it to my playlist.
  3. They are bringing back Sex and The City this year! I wonder if it will have the same magic?!
  4. Have you ever noticed that you never see any Black unicorns on children’s clothes? I hadn’t realized it either! I stumbled upon The Black Unicorn Shop. They sell products with unicorns on them that represent black and brown children. I bought three t-shirts last week and loved the quality of the shirts. My baby is now sporting the cutest little graphic tees with unicorns with afro puffs and brown skin. This is a shout out to creating what is missing in the market. Tell them Reiko sent you if you grab anything. This is not sponsored. I just loved that this exists for my children! What a time to be alive:)
  5. I printed a second batch of pictures from my phone using MPIX. I had been letting my photos die in my phone but realized that if something happened to me, my kids would not have all of the photos documenting our lives. A few months ago, I printed over 400 pics that went back to my wedding up until my son was 2 years old. That’s about 5 years worth of memories! This time around I printed 400 more pics. I used a 30% discount code (they always have discounts) and the pictures arrived in chronological order in perfect little plastic sleeves. I’m creating a photo box to give to the kids when they are older. This is not sponsored either. I just wanted to remind you to get those good pics out of your phone and create memories for your future kids/grandkids.

Random, but that’s how this works. What have you been loving lately?

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