5 Uses For Bar Carts That Have Nothing To Do With Alcohol.

Most of us have made changes in our homes within the last year thanks to COVID. Nothing like a good quarantine to make you live in your house! One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to move or restyle little corners of my home all of the time. It may start with just switching out a vase then turn into a complete room makeover in the middle of the night. Just me? Okay. I will take that charge. One item I’ve come to love is the bar cart! Have you used your bar cart for more than just storing alcohol and libations? I highly recommend it.

Bar carts are great for so many reasons: 

  1. Don’t have room for a bookcase? Use a bar cart! Bar carts allow you to style your favorite books by color and provide varying heights for picture frames and other little trinkets to display. So go on and stack those cookbooks that you swear you will use one day. 
  2.  Have you turned into a #plantbae in the past year? Are you constantly looking for new plant stands or places to put your new babies? Use a bar cart. Styling your plants on the shelves also makes it easier to move them where they can get the best sunlight. 
  3. Add storage bins or baskets to hide board games, remote controls, magazines, etc.
  4. Use them as bedside tables. Most bar carts have 3 shelves which are perfect to hold a lamp, storage baskets, and your favorite pictures.
  5. Use bar carts to display toys in a kid’s room. They are the perfect height for little ones to grab their favorite toys without trying to climb chairs. You can stack their favorite books or display their favorite toys. You can even use them as a chic mobile diaper changing station in a nursery. 

The possibilities are endless. Bar carts can literally serve a purpose in any room in your home, especially if space is limited. Because I love you, I linked some of my favorite bar carts in my Amazon store. You can find inexpensive ones at Ross, Homegoods, or even Burlington Coat factory but Amazon certainly has some affordable ones as well. 

I hope this post has inspired you to elevate your favorite things with a chic bar cart. If you liked it, please leave a comment or share this post with your friends and family. 


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