Hey girl, I’m Reiko Foster. A print mixing mom of two (Zavi and Zara) trying to make it through virtual learning and working from home. Style is my love language, and while my former blog, God’s Favorite Shoes, showcased outfits of the day, this blog exists to show you how style fits into every space of my life. Right now, the home decor bug has got me good, and I am re-arranging the house almost as often as I am overseeing Zoom classes. Did I mention that I am now a room mom?!

In this season you will find me enjoying floral therapy, taste-testing my husband’s homemade spices and reminding everyone that the pandemic is still a thing!! As usual, there will be snippets of my everyday and honest conversations about family, education and justice – with a special focus on how our little ones are included!

Here’s what one of my friends had to say about my little space on the internet: “I just like what you are doing. Just doing your life without an agenda….that is a nice thing to follow. You like clothes, kids, justice, and decorating and food but nothing feels like you are trying to “make it” in influencer land. Your kids crack me up, your style is great but nothing is super curated and I love that. I just like seeing how other “normal” people live. And normal is a weird word but it’s nice seeing someone with a fam, a job and a life just trying to get through the days.”

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