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It can be lonely embarking on a creative project. A book. A podcast. A new product or brand, or perhaps a room refresh…The early days are full of hope and excitement, but when difficulties (or insecurities) arise it is helpful to have someone cast a creative eye on your new baby.

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So I get it, the thought of having someone critique, judge, or change your idea may be a tough pill to swallow. But Aristotle once said, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.” And if you’re reading this friend, I have a feeling that you want to do something, say something, and be something big. Getting the support you need to bring your creative vision to life is all about seeking improvement, not approval. So let’s see how we can elevate your idea to higher standards!


What would happen if your English professor and your favorite blogger sat down to write your next project? From blog posts and newsletters to proposals, my unique background allows me to engage a targeted audience on a professional but personal level.


My styling clients have appeared on HSN, Amazon, and Walmart Start. Whether you would like to build a cohesive brand, stage your home, or take the guesswork out of social events, I have developed a comprehensive style toolkit so you can spend less time on shopping, tailoring, and returns.


I have birthed two human babies but there is nothing quite like being pregnant with an idea and trying to push that thing out on your own!! Some of my favorite projects include The Future Voter campaign and Kids Can Vote Too Activity Book because I was able to work on them with my children. If you’re wondering what creative direction is – I love this explanation best: “Creative Direction is the medium where art direction, design, and strategy all intersect. Its purpose is to connect the various aspects of a project while ensuring the bottom line is never out of site.” – GrayBoxCo

kind words

Misha n.granado says…

“Reiko! Style is definitely a love language and you are fluent in it! Yassss for this boutique refresh! Well done! I love the images that celebrate the clientele of the boutique. It is so important to see self and know that we can all lead and grow from where we are. Onward and inward in unapologetic style! Love Grows indeed and it is so freakin stylish! “



Friend, after more than 10 years on social media, it no longer goes down in DMs. Please email me a detailed overview of your creative dilemma, writer’s block, or general questions.


Let’s set a date and time to ask clarifying questions, review your project and discuss ways that we could work together as well as a timeline and budget that works for you.


I will send over a detailed proposal with your insights and my recommendations for the project. When you accept the proposal and terms, the creative work begins!


frequently asked questions

Heck no, girl – or guy! I have enough trouble doing my own returns, thank you. However, working with a professional stylist will improve your shopping experience. I provide all my styling clients with a Pinterest board, color palette, style report card (including a fun name for your unique style), shopping list, and store recommendations within your budget. Depending on the styling plan you choose, you may also receive text support when you are out shopping.

I have a BA in Journalism from the University of Houston.

I began my blogging career in 2008 with my former lifestyle blog, God’s Favourite Shoes before applying my gift of the gab as a staff writer at the award-winning natural hair and beauty website, Kinky Curly Coily Me.

Yes, however, my packages are being revised. You can book a room refresh at the current rate until December 2022.