I am a family and style blogger in the Houston area. I taught English for over 15 years, but personal style has always been my pedagogy. I’ve worked in several Houston districts – so I’ve seen it all! And one thing remains the same…teachers can do better. While in the classroom, I took pride in my students’ academic performance – often
outperforming the district. But I also felt that my purpose was to teach confidence and competence through honoring my personal style. I haven’t conducted an official survey (because I am too busy chasing my children, Zavi and Zara) but “research” shows that students learn more when they think their teachers care. Taking pride in your appearance is a form of self-care and students respond well to that.

I recently migrated from my blog, God’s Favorite Shoes, to a simpler, comprehensive space on the internet where I will share with you my creative prowess, including the ones that I now have available as a service to the public! My new blog will still showcase my thoughts on style, family and the odd rant about education but it is very much geared towards being a resource to you! When I’m not trying to keep up with my socials, I enjoy mixing prints and watching my husband cook 80% of the meals in our home. If I could meet anyone in the world for dinner, it would be Kris Jenner. She’s clearly the MVP of the Kardashian machine! You thought I would say Jesus…didn’t you? Nope, I’m not ready for that!