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1:1 virtual consultation to refresh any room in your home. Includes 2 consultation calls and a personalized project plan. The plan includes a run-down of your style needs and my recommendations, 1 dedicated Pinterest board, shopping lists, recommended stores, and guidance via text while you shop.


We all have that one friend who just has an eye. Okay, okay, It’s me, I am that friend.

As quarantine 2020 became more extended, I found myself looking for new rooms in my home to restyle. Some of it was just because it’s a matter of having something to control but the other reason is I simply enjoy it. The more I shared the little changes and reveals on my Instagram, the more feedback I got from people liking what I shared. I’m not an expert and I have no desire to go back to school to learn technical terms, I just like what I like. I’m really excited to share my style with you by offering virtual consultations to refresh any room in your home.


  • Styling spaces that are chic AND functional.
  • Styling spaces for kids.
  • Styling functional home learning spaces and/or home offices.
  • Repurposing home decor.
  • Budget-friendly finds.
  • Shopping within the home for items to repurpose.


  • Measurements or professional drawings for your space.
  • Furniture purchases/personal shopping


  • 1 x 30-minute pre-refresh consultation. During this call, we will briefly discuss your feedback/answers, aka your needs and expectations for your space.
  • 1 x project plan (PDF) detailing the outcomes of our call. This will include my recommendations for your space, a shopping list, and recommended stores.
  • 1 x dedicated Pinterest board with images of ideas curated for your space.
  • I am available to answer questions or give my thoughts on purchases via text during regular business hours.
  • 1 x virtual hour to assist with the placement of your items after YOU have gathered all items for your space.


I am able to offer HWR at this price point in exchange for pictures/videos documenting our time together. I am happy to take all pictures/videos and will adapt according to any privacy concerns you may have (For example, not personally wanting to be in the photos.)


Once you have completed your purchase I will get back to you with a link to fill out a pre-call form and book your first session. Please note that all calls are uninterrupted and no callbacks are provided. Depending on your project, you may need to move furniture during our virtual hour, please think about who will help you with this if you aren’t able to complete all heavy lifting on your own.


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