5 ways to figure out your life

This is not a “5 ways to figure out your life” post

Life has a way of quietly sneaking up on you and giving you a loud smack on the neck. I won’t say I’ve been struggling this year… not completely I suppose. Let’s say it this way, with the help of my therapist, I’ve been working on thriving not just surviving. Apparently, I’ve been in survival mode or autopilot for the last few years but I am actively trying to make some major life adjustments for myself. 

As I actively try to live a life that brings me joy, it’s requiring me to pivot a few things. Things I didn’t think I wanted have now shifted themselves to the front line of goals. Some things are new revelations and some are old ones for some reason they hit differently. 

This will not be a “5 ways to figure out your life” post.   Because I’m still working on it. So here are some random yet real musings I’ve had as of late. 

  1. I’m now at the age where I worry about things like having enough life insurance for the kids. We have plenty  but I want more. LOL! It’s really about leaving a legacy. I wish I had this mindset twenty years ago but that’s not how life works. More than anything, I don’t want my kids to struggle through life. Some things will obviously be life lessons but some things are just about pre-gaming (as a parent.)
  2. People will weaponize family and Christianity (respectively) to their advantage. It’s always from the most toxic people. The people who have the moral background of Al Capone yet are often the ones trying to drag you to their level of toxicity. You are never too old to establish boundaries. 
  3. Success looks differently for mature people.  What I mean is that quality of life, taking care of yourself surpasses having the fanciest cars and Instagram-worthy pics to post. Right now, success is looking like me being able to drop off and/or pick up my kids to school and eat a healthy breakfast and get consistent with a healthy lifestyle. 
  4.  You don’t have to be stuck in life. I wasn’t necessarily stuck but I was content for a long while. I’ve decided to unstuck myself. I’m actively trying to change how I live my life in the coming months, not years… MONTHS. I am not happy complaining about it anymore. Hopefully, I will have an update on this soon. 
  5.  Thriving in life should be a goal. So many of us have mastered the art of survival that we think that just making it is a goal.  Case and point,  my car broke down a few months ago. I had it for 7 years. And I had no intentions of getting another one. Until one day I realized that it’s okay to enjoy life a little – or a lot…mind your business! I finally convinced myself that not only did I need a new car but I deserved the one I wanted. I smile every time I drive now. I’m 46 years old and it’s a flex. Not the car…the smile. 

Life comes at you fast. This year alone has been enough to take anyone out. But I choose to change the things I can. And avoid people who haven’t figured it out yet because time is ticking.  Let’s call this a check-in! Now that you’ve read mine, I’d love to know how you’re doing! Leave me a comment below and share this post if it touched you.

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  1. Loved reading this! I agree 100%. It’s now or never to change your life according to your view of success & happiness. Looking forward to future posts ❤️