Room refresh reveal – Slay Your Vacay Boutique

I’ve been wanting to style a space that was not my own for a while. So when Slay Your Vacay Boutique contacted me to update their store, I jumped!

The boutique offers curated fashion for plus-sized women and is headed by Michelynne Bell – she has an incredible eye for stylish vacation wear! Michelleyne is now offering private shopping appointments to clients so they can shop safely during the pandemic. The refresh needed to take all COVID precautions into consideration.

My job was to step in and take it from just an inventory space to a chic lounge where customers felt comfortable to prioritize their style, even with the craziness going on in the world right now. We all need something to get our minds off it all.

Luck would have it that this space was located in Houston which meant I was also able to go in for a few hours and create a vibe for the Fall Grand which took place on November 1st.

During our virtual consultation, Michelynne gave me a tour of the space and the items she already had.

I took into account the decor items we wanted to rededicate to the new space then create a personalized shopping list of items that needed to be purchased for the refresh.

Here’s a look at the style card created just for Slay Your Vacay Boutique. (Some slides excluded)

On install day, I styled the items with the intention of creating a chic, mature space for the ladies to enjoy while shopping by appointment. I  also wanted to make sure that the inventory was accessible.

One of my favorite moments was creating the gallery wall with black and white photos of plus-sized divas. Michelleyne did her homework perfectly with finding photos and frames and even included a surprise photo of her fabulous stylish mother. Three hours, some nails, some moving around, plants, and rugs and we had the new Slay Your Vacay Boutique. I am so proud of the space. We even created a chic sanitation station upon entry because catching COVID is not sexy or fashionable.

Doing a refresh of your own? Here’s a tip for updating your walls! Go through your phone and find some of your old fave photos and print them in black and white. I usually send to print at my local CVS or Walgreens for 1 hour pick up. Blow them up and don’t be afraid to go big with 8 x 10 or larger prints..and then frame them of course. if you need some help with your space, you can read more about Home With Reiko Room Refreshes now.


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  1. Reiko! Style is definitely a love language and you are fluent in it! Yassss for this boutique refresh! Well done! I love the images that celebrate the clientele of the boutique. It is so important to see self and know that we can all lead and grow from where we are. Onward and inward in unapologetic style! Love Grows indeed and it is so freakin stylish!