How to make small changes to a room

Quarantine 2020 has turned a lot of us into plant baes, organization gurus, and interior designers. Myself included. It is what it is.

Being forced to live in your home for more than 4 hours at a time has a way of making you realize that you need more plants in your life and more color on your walls. It has a way of turning your trips to Homegoods into mini-vacations and a chance to become the HGTV DIY star you never knew you wanted to be.

In my defense, I’ve always had the “jushing” bug. You know. Where you sit in a room long enough and decide that you need a gallery wall NOW and need to change the bedding to a completely clean, modern vibe.

Some of us went overboard. Some of us found joy in being home and enjoying the home.


If that “zhuzhing” bug has been pestering but you are too overwhelmed to start, here are 5 tips to make small yet impactful changes in a room.

  • Replace your throw pillows seasonally. Consider pillow covers instead of buying whole new pillows. Look at places like Etsy or Hobby Lobby.
  • Add plants. Plants bring life into a room. I’m late to this party but now I am a believer. There are so many easy maintenance plants like Snake plants and Pothos. Hint: look at your local grocery store for plants. That’s where all of my plant babies come from. And by the way, I don’t name my plants, I can barely remember my kids’ names.
  • Update the frames on your wall. Take a look at some of your photos on the wall. Could they be updated? Perhaps even a gallery wall? I go to Homegoods and Michael’s for inexpensive frames. Try to get all of the same sizes or at least in the same color family. You can always throw a different color for fun.
  • Use coffee table books/magazines as “shelves” for your plants or even decorative pieces around your home. Differentiating heights can provide visual interest in a home.
  • Turn some of the photos on your phone into art. Enlarge those babies, make them black and white and frame them in the kitchen or hallways. Good photos should not just live on your phone.

Everyone has a different style. Some people love a lot of things and others like a clean and minimal look. I’m somewhere in between. But since we gotta be home anyway, why not enjoy our spaces.

Oh yes, before I forget, change the lighting in that room in your home that just doesn’t feel right or complete. A different light fixture or chandelier might be the thing you are missing!. You will thank me. *runs off*

PS. Need help refreshing your space? I now offer 1:1 consultations to help you work through your next home decor project.

PSS. Soon I’ll be sharing my favorite home styling items on my Amazon Store. Stay tuned!

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