Introducing the Future Voter. Campaign with Zavi & Zara

I wish I could wax poetic about current events but I got nothing. So, since I am feeling powerless and hopeless (keeping it real), I thought I would channel the opposite energy into empowering our children.

I have two of my own. They don’t know everything that is going on outside of our home but they are aware. This summer I had to have a real talk with my children about what racial injustice looks like and feels like. It was the week after George Floyd’s death, a former schoolmate, that I had to have the conversation. Specifically about protesting. Because in Houston, there was a lot of protesting happening.

They got it. More than most adults apparently but then there was this nagging teacher feeling haunting me. My years as an educator (20 plus year in the game…another story for another day), but my teacher/mommy spidey senses were tingling.

I kept watching the news and social media (as much as I could stomach) feeling like kids are being left out of the conversation. Nothing is kid centered. And while I’ve since limited my news watching thanks to my anxiety and at the behest of my therapist (get you one of those by the way), that’s how Zavi and Zara’s (my beautiful children) “Future Voter.” campaign was born.

The campaign exists to give my children the language to feel empowered even if they aren’t old enough. Children should not feel like “sitting ducks” waiting for the magical 18th birthday when they can finally do important things.

It’s just a t-shirt.

Yes but it’s the message. Kids believe (to a certain extent) what their parents or families believe. It’s just the law of nature. So if they have the language to empower themselves, chances are they will be excited to put the words into practice when it’s time. I’m a teacher, that’s what I do…find teachable moments. This shitshow of an election…I mean this hotly debated election seems like the perfect time to introduce empowering language to our little ones.
The message is simple. Vote. And until you can legally, rock a t-shirt that says you will. Call it a form of protest.

Or just a really cool shirt.

The Future Voter. Campaign launches officially on Wednesday, October 7th, 2020.

Now, for some housekeeping:

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a t-shirt or mask! We also have onesies in our store.

PS. Presently, all Future Voter. Campaign apparel is supplied through Here is an important note about shipping:

“All of the apparel sold on Bonfire is custom made and printed to order, so our fulfillment times may take longer than your average online retailer that has inventory ready to ship. Domestic orders arrive 7-14 business days from the date the Campaign ends, not from the date of purchase. For example, if you ordered on 1/1 and the Campaign ends on 1/10, your order is guaranteed to arrive between 1/22 – 1/31. Specific date ranges will be provided in a confirmation email once an order is complete.”

We have chosen the shortest possible campaign durations in order to limit the waiting time for your items. This is our first launch, and we’ll be adapting as needed in order to provide the best customer experience. Please feel free to pop us an email at with any customer feedback.


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